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About Kevin Warwick

Over the course of my career as an editorial leader, I’ve managed close-knit teams to plan and execute effective narrative strategies—at magazines, newspapers, and alt-weeklies—for the sake of telling compelling and original stories through print and digital publications, podcasts, documentaries, and live events.


Upon arriving in Chicago in 2008, I started working for the Chicago Reader, the city's 50-year-old alt-weekly institution. As both a staff writer and associate editorI focused on the evolution of local and national arts and culture scenes. It was at the Reader where I learned to pay attention to what's happening around me rather than what's happening to me—and I've continued forwarding that message to the teams I lead.

I later got involved in event programming and curatorial work, disciplines bonded to the work I did at the Reader. While consulting for creative mainstays like the Chicago Athletic Association and Field Museum, I was also a contributor for Billboard, Vice, Pitchfork, the Chicago Tribune, and Bandcamp, among other notable publications. In 2018, I produced a pair of short documentaries focused on outdoor recreation.

More recentIy, as head of the creative department at Guerrero Media, I worked with members of leadership teams, both internally and externally, to shape editorial voice and drive brand equity so that an organization’s story is elevated alongside those within its campaigns and publications.

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

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Hosted by Guerrero Media CEO Pedro Guerrero and presented by Hispanic Executive magazine, The New Majority focuses on amplifying the voices of Latino leaders in America. I'm currently working as a coproducer and writer on the podcast as it heads into its third season. Featured guests from the first two seasons include United States Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, Maria Teresa Kumar (Voto Latino), Alicia Menendez (MSNBC), Isabel Lara (NPR), and Mike Roggero (Fuse Media).

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In celebration of its 40th anniversary, the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE)—a nonprofit focused on assisting Latino professionals over the courses of their careers—sought to publish a book showcasing its key historical milestones. Guerrero was brought in to compile and design the book from scratch, while laying out a timeline for its production. Delivered to the attendees of HACE's annual gala in April, the final product features a narrative history of the organization, as told through the voices of those who played key roles in its evolution.

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